Interface specialist care

Diagnostic Medical Tests including Blood Tests, MRI and Ultrasound Scans, ECG. We can arrange
Ultrasound and MRI scans at reputable centres. A wide range of blood tests and resting ECG are
available in house. Please call us for any specific tests. Please note, unlike all our other tests, we
cannot order x-ray or CT scan “on demand”.
These two tests use ionising radiation and their
careful use and diagnostic value is dependent on the Doctor’s judgement and National Guidelines
- as it would be within the NHS. If the Doctor decides that an x-ray or CT scan would be in your best
interest, we can arrange them for you.

Full Health Screening - A full medical examination with an experienced doctor (chaparone available
on request), comprehensive blood tests, ECG and stool test.

DVLA fitness to drive medical assessments- We have been a regional franchise medical centre for the
DVLA since 2004. These medicals are carried out on the instruction of the DVLA, Swansea. Please note, we do not carry out HGV medicals without a printed copy of the applicant’s full medical history.